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Weight Sleds

The Hammerhead Fitness Weight Sled
One of the most grueling exercises we've been put through is pushing the sled.  It's functional fitness at it's core.  Pushing or pulling heavy stuff is something we've all had to do from time to time.  And our sled is more than up to the task of preparing you for the everyday.

We've made some design changes that may go a bit unnoticed at first glance, but they are important and set our sled apart from others.

  • 1/4" Thick steel runners welded under the 2x3 frame.  If you wear it out, we'll send you a new sled on the house.
  • Our center column is removeable.  That means a more compact shape when in storage and since it ships flat you save money.
  • The Push Poles mount in cups that are taller and more snug.  This enhancement keeps the cups from deforming into ovals.
  • Our center column and poles are now galvanized underneath the powder coating to keep the wear surfaces from rusting.
  • Cutouts in the weight plate on both front and back to fasten ropes or harnesses
  • We've added steel bracing underneath the weight plate to keep the sled from twisting.  It's a small design change that adds tremendous strength to the sled. 
Your new sled will easily take the punishment of being pushed on asphalt, gravel, concrete or whatever.  Add the sled push to any fitness program for an intensity that is not to be underestimated.
And for a limited time, our sleds ship free to the continental US!
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