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Pull Up Rack

Our 100% US Made Pullup Rigs are the perfect addition to your facility.

Whether you need Free Standing Pull Up Racks or a Wall Mounted Unit, we can get it done.  Our Pull Up Rigs are US Made and were designed in conjunction with folks that build for the US Military.  Believe us...it's one potent mix.

Fully tricked out like this one above, your rig will be the centerpoint of your gym and will get your athletes excited about working out.  Once assembled you'll feel like you just bought the M1A1 Abrams tank...'cause you just did.


  • Vertical Poles - 2x3 11 gauge steel - super strong
  • Muscle Up Bars - Standard on the long sides of the rig, our Muscle Up Bars offer two different pullup bar heights for your athletes.  They can grab the high bar facing inside the rig or the low bar facing out.  And we've got plenty of adjustment built into the posts [holes every 2"] to mount the bars as high or low as you need.  You won't need to stack bumpers or put boxes under this rig for everyone to reach the bars.  That means less crowding and nothing to trip on as your athletes move in and out.
  • Basic Cross Member Bars - these pullup bars mount on the inside of the rig.  Having the bars stacked one over another provides tremendous strength and stability to the free standing rig and we've spread the bars apart far enough so there isn't any danger of hitting your head on the top bar.
  • Barbell Hooks - 1/4" thick US Steel Powder Coated and lined with a super strong UHMW insert that keeps the bar knurling safe.  We've had well over 400lbs on these racks with no trouble.  Even your competition level athletes won't be held back.
  • Powder Coating - baked on matte black powder coat is super strong and the neutral flat black color fits well into any gym's decor.
  • Dimensions - Our squat rack sections are 47" wide to comfortably rack a bar and our pullup stations are a standard 6 feet wide.  That's enough space for two athletes.
We have some examples of our popular configurations below.  But, the only limitation is your imagination.  We can customize our pull up rigs for any application.  Additionally, the rigs are fully expandable.  Start with a smaller setup, and let it grow as your gym grows!
Need some help deciding whether a Wall Mounted or Free Standing is for you?  Check out our blog post on How To Choose the Right Pullup Rig for the Gym

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